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What is Pop Art?

Let us start by saying Pop art is an abbreviation of Popular Art. 

The movement materialised in America and Britain in the mid-1950s and came to prominence in the ’60s. The focus was to feature everyday forms or imagery from that time. 

Pop Art pieces are recognisable due to vibrant colour schemes and sometimes satirical themes. 

You may have seen some Pop Art featuring:

Icons: Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Mickey Mouse

Commercial Products: Coca-Cola, Campbells Soup

Food Items: Donuts, Bananas, Pizza, Hotdogs

Symbols: Peace Signs, Targets, Dollar Signs

In short, vibrant, everyday imagery and wit = POP ART

When it comes to parties, Pop Art makes for an entertaining and colourful theme.

This theme calls for oodles of bold colour, witty attributes and guests equally as vibrant as the colour palette.

So let’s get into this design for a Pop Art themed party.


Tom Collins Cocktail with lemon wheel and cherry
Mini Banana Splits on pink background with yummy text
Drawing Game Text

Colour Scheme


David Bust Blowing Bubblegum

Stick a Mini Pink Balloon to the mouth of a David Bust for some pop art satire.

David Bust Blowing Pink Bubblegum


Bubble Sofa

It was not uncommon in the ’60s to see wacky, brightly coloured furniture.

A Bubble Sofa would be a nice addition to a chill-out area.

Neon Green Bubble SofaPop Art Print

Adding prints to walls is an easy way to make a theme eye-catching, check out this vibrant print.


Pop Art Plate Dressing 

Plate dressing can be a lot of fun.

Use edible gold spray to cover a Marilyn Monroe Stencil on a plate, then add a minimal dot pattern with black icing to give an otherwise boring white plate a pop art theme.

To finish add your chosen pop art treat.

Marilyn Monroe Pop Art Plate Dressing


Paint Splashes

Create an artist’s canvas effect using a Gobo projector to project Paint Splats onto a wall.

Colourful Paint Splats



Many famous Pop Art works featured everyday fast foods so no breaking a sweat preparing the party food!


Popular Cocktails in the 1950s:

Tom Collins (Gin)

Mai Tai (Golden Rum)

Pina Colada (White Rum)

Sloe Gin Fizz (Sloe Gin)

Singapore Sling (Gin, Cherry Brandy & Cointreau)


How about a walking pop art table inspired by Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe?

Take a look – Pop Art Strolling Table


Ask partygoers to wear a piece of clothing inspired by pop art culture.

We want to see a work of art walking through the door.


Picmonkey is a photo editor and graphic design maker with many features.

The Andy Warhol Photo Filter is great for editing your party photos in Pop Art style.


What do you think of this theme?

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