Questions to ask yourself before booking a party venue

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Selecting the right venue is key to creating a great party, and with so many things to organise, you must get it right.

Here is a rundown of questions to ask yourself to help you make an informed decision before booking a venue.


Do you have a venue budget?

To start the party planning, having a venue budget allows you to shortlist venues that meet your budget requirements.

When you further research the venues on your shortlist you might find some offer additional services within their hire cost.

Some venues might offer:

  • Catering
  • Arrival Drinks
  • Decorating
  • Entertainment 

Suppose you are considering a hire agreement with services included. In that case, you should always compare the package offered by the venue against a room-only (or dry hire) option where you source the additional services yourself as this could be more cost-effective.



Where geographically do you want the venue to be?

Choosing a location that is convenient for the majority of your guests to travel to makes things a whole lot easier.

Also consider factors like:

  • Proximity to public transportation
  • Parking availability
  • Accessibility for guests with special needs



When do you want the party to take place?

Some venues have low and peak seasons and this will more than likely affect their availability and cost.

So consider the date you want the party/event to take place so you can book in advance and have a better chance of securing your chosen date, and also increase or review your budget if your selected date is in peak season.



Do you know how many guests you will be inviting?

Before you even think about booking a venue, it is a good idea to visit and see if the chosen venue has enough capacity to accommodate your guest list comfortably and any other additional space that may be required for entertainment or hired furniture.



Does the venue need a certain aesthetic to tie into a theme?

The venue’s ambience should match the theme or mood you want for your party.

Consider the decor, lighting, and overall atmosphere to ensure they align with the theme.



Does the venue need specific amenities and facilities for your party?

Check what amenities and facilities your chosen venue has in place. This may include audio-visual equipment, a stage, a dance floor or outdoor space.

Make sure the venue can meet your specific needs.



Do you need catering?

If the venue provides catering services, sample the menu or request references from previous customers.

If external catering is allowed and facilities are available, ask your caterer to get in touch with the venue to ensure the venue is equipped with what they need.



Do you need an adverse weather plan?

Sometimes the weather likes to keep us guessing, especially in the UK so it is a good idea if you are planning a party in an outdoor venue to check if they have a sheltered space, marquees, gazebos or parasols if the weather takes an unexpected turn.



Have you checked venue reviews?

Research the reputation of venues on the shortlist. Read reviews, ask for references, and always visit the favoured venue in person. A well-reviewed venue with a positive reputation is more likely to meet your expectations.



Does your party need any permits?

Check if your chosen venue requires any special permits or if there are any regulations you need to adhere to. This is particularly important for events serving alcohol or if you want to play music after a certain hour.  



Do you have a backup plan?

Consider having a backup plan in case of unexpected weather or other unforeseen issues arise with the venue.

This is especially important for outdoor events.


Once you are ready to engage with a venue:

  • Read the contract in full
  • Confirm the deposit
  • Pay attention to the cancellation policy

By considering these factors you are in a position to choose a party venue that aligns with your vision, meets the practical needs of your party and overall makes for a less stressful planning experience.



If you are looking for a party venue, the websites below are bursting at the seams with lots of information and images for stunning venues across the UK.

What better way to start your venue-finding journey?

Hire Space


Venue Scanner 

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