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Karaoke may have originated in Japan, but this much-loved form of entertainment takes place worldwide.

Some people love nothing more than singing their hearts out to a power ballad, or some people might fancy themselves as the next 21 Savage.

Either way, with karaoke, there is a song for everyone to sing.

Let’s see what you need to get set up.


The beauty of karaoke is that it can be easily set-up in a venue or at home. Most venues that cater for karaoke will have everything on site so no stress.

If you want a karaoke set up at home then the process could not be easier.

All you need are a few pieces of equipment:


You can’t host a good karaoke party without a decent microphone. Opt for a wireless microphone that is bluetooth enabled so that you can easily pair the microphone to a TV or speakers for sound.

Or use a microphone with a built in speaker that does a 2 in 1 job.

Phone / Tablet

Download an app to a phone or tablet so singers can choose their songs and see the lyrics.

TV / Screen

If you do not have speakers or a 2 in 1 microphone, you will need a TV so you can hear the music and singing.

Karaoke Machine

If Karaoke is something that you are likely to do regularly then it may be worthwhile investing in a karaoke machine. Microphones and speakers come in one unit with a phone dock so you are karaoke ready.


Karaoke is so popular that there are dedicated apps that allow budding or seasoned singers select their favourite songs and show off their talent.

Here are some of the best rated karaoke apps from the Apple appstore for your next karaoke party:


To make your karaoke party more bespoke, have singers sing songs from:

  A specific genre i.e. gangsta rap (imagine your Grampa rapping)

  A certain era i.e. 90s, oos

  From a list of preselected movies* i.e. You’re the one that i want, Grease

* Let singers know the song they have to sing on the night and ask them to dress for the part.


If the karaoke party is not a home effort then check out these cool karaoke venues in London:

Karaoke Bus
  Party Bus Hire

Karaoke Boat
 The Copper Quay, Kings Cross

Karaoke Private Rooms
 BAM Karaoke Box


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Karaoke DJs

Karaoke DJs

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