10 Creative Alternatives to Traditional Candles

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When it comes to birthday cakes, what normally goes on top other than icing? You guessed it, candles.

Traditional candles are nice but let’s face it they can be a bit boring.

Sometimes switching up the norm can make a celebration more memorable or special, and if you celebrate with a cake every year then moving away from tradition for one year is not going to hurt.

Here are 10 creative alternatives to traditional candles:

1. Sparkler Candles

Sparklers designed for cakes are available, creating a festive atmosphere without an open flame. This bomb cake makes great use of a single sparkler.

Make sure to use ones specifically designed for this purpose.

2. Number-shaped Candles

Ok, number shaped candles are pretty run of the mill but customise them by adding  small icing decorations like sugar pearls or iced flowers.

3. Coloured Flames

Specialty candles are available that produce coloured flames. These can add an extra element of surprise to the birthday celebration.

4. LED Cake Sign

This flameless alternative in the form of an LED sign is great if you still want the light element without the fire.  They can be a safer option, especially for indoor celebrations.

5. Pop a Confetti Balloon

Fill a mini balloon with confetti and attach to a stick to elevate it above the cake. When it’s time for hip hip hooray then it’s time to pop!

6. Edible Candles

Consider using edible candles made of chocolate, candy or icing like this comic cake. These can be a fun and tasty alternative.

7. Glow Sticks or Glow Necklaces

For a unique and colorful celebration, you can use glow sticks or glow necklaces to create a vibrant and visually appealing display.

8. Fairy Lights

String lights or fairy lights can be creatively arranged on the cake for a charming and magical effect just like this Disney Mickey Cake

9. Flower Petals

Decorate the cake with flower petals instead of candles for a natural and beautiful touch.

10. Cake Banners

Use a personalized or customised banner and place on a cake like this creative aeroplane banner.

Safety is the top priority when choosing what is best to use on a birthday cake. Always follow any guidelines or recommendations provided by the products you choose.

What do you think of these ideas?

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