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Nothing is nicer than being invited to a picnic on a warm, sunny day, especially when all you have to think about is what you are wearing and what you will eat and drink.

However, suppose you are the person organising a picnic. In that case, it can be a vastly different experience when you have a large group to cater for, and you have to concern yourself about how you will get all the essentials to the picnic spot.

Thank heavens, in this day and age, we have talented companies offering picnic catering, table styling, equipment, and games hire, which leaves you the simple job of inviting people and relaxing on the day.

So if planning a picnic yourself sounds like hard work and using a picnic supplier is the best course of action, you need to first figure out exactly what you want so you can receive a comprehensive quote.


  1. How many people do you need to cater for?
  2. Does anyone have dietary requirements?
  3. Will there be infants and children attending? Their food preferences may vary from adults.
  4. Does the picnic have a theme? i.e Traditional British
  5. What is the proposed location of the picnic?
  6. What date is the picnic taking place?
  7. What time will the picnic start and finish?
  8. Is the picnic food to be delivered or collected?
  9. Do you need parasols, blankets, cushions, seats, tables, ice buckets etc?
  10. Is decor required? i.e. table runners, floral centrepieces, candles etc
  11. What is your budget?

Answering these questions before contacting picnic suppliers will get your picnic planning quickly underway.


Catering, Picnic Set-up & Styling


The Luxury Picnic Company 

Picnic Set-up & Styling

The Social Set-up

Pampered Picnic


Traditional Games

The Giant Garden Games Hire Company

Sid & Olive


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